Past Workshops

2017-2018 Workshops

Oh, The Places They’ll Go! Creating Self Directed Learners through the Schulwerk with Jean Hersey

One Device, Now What? Using Mobile Devices in the Music Classroom with Andrea Halverson

2016-2017 Workshops

Potpourri Launch with Judith Thomas

Purposeful Play: Creative Learning for Preschool and Primary Music Makers with LuAnn Hayes

Spice Up the Spring through Story and Song with Jacque Schrader

2015-2016 Workshops

Orff Schulwerk: It’s about IMAGINATION, IMPROVISATION, and MAKING MUSIC TOGETHER! with Judy Bond

Orff and Kodaly: Supportive Strands with Andrew Ellingsen

Same Yet Different:  Addressing Diversity and Inclusion through the Schulwerk with Manju Durairaj

2014-2015 Workshops

From Models to Masterpieces: Using the Volumes as Springboards for Composition with Dr. Paul Cribari

Sing, Dance, and Play the Orff Schulwerk Way with Sarah Hassler