Past Events

2021-2022 Workshops

  • The Art of Possibility: Expanding Our Horizons with David Row

  • Intersectionality: A Music Educators Tool to Cultivate Empathy with Charissa Duncanson

  • Are We Having Fun Yet? Getting Serious About Play with Mary Clark and Sam Cruz


  • Using the Acapella App and iMovie to Facilitate Orff Schulwerk Instruction at Home with Rob Amchin

  • Sing, Play, Think: Critical Thinking for Everyday Learning with David Row

  • Mining the Volumes: Finding the Hidden Gems from the Music for Children Volumes with Cyndee Giebler

2019-2020 Workshops

2018-2019 Workshops

2017-2018 Workshops

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2015-2016 Workshops

2014-2015 Workshops

  • From Models to Masterpieces: Using the Volumes as Springboards for Composition with Dr. Paul Cribari

  • Sing, Dance, and Play the Orff Schulwerk Way with Sarah Hassler