The aims and objectives of Greater Milwaukee Orff Dimensions are to offer enthusiasm, inspiration, vision, and momentum to all people interested in Orff Schulwerk approach, philosophy, techniques, and processes, to disseminate news and ideas relevant to music education and Orff Schulwerk approach, to expand the knowledge of Orff Schulwerk approach to educators at every stage in every setting, and to support educators’ ability to inspire, develop, and advocate for the creative potential of all learners.

Member Benefits

  • Discounts on workshops

  • Complimentary membership for full time undergraduate students

  • Guest pass to share (for members attending all three workshops)

  • Access to scholarships for Orff levels training

  • Access to chapter instruments to use in your classroom for the entire school year

  • Exclusive Facebook discussion group

  • Access to social events

  • Networking opportunities

  • Recorded copy of online workshops